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Operation Compassion was born out of a burden to reach out in love, grace, and compassion

to the victims of the calamities that struck the provinces of Aurora and Quezon in 2004, where three typhoons caused landslides and floods, laden with logs, to bury towns and villages. Whole communities were left homeless, literally wiped out physically, economically, and emotionally.

As a response, a team of Christian volunteers organized themselves to provide emergency relief and medical assistance to the two most severely devastated barangays, Barangay Banglos in General Nakar and Barangay Ilog in Infanta.

While other organizations came and left after giving emergency relief, Operation Compassion saw the need to stay and help rebuild the devastated communities. In partnership with generous churches and NGOs, Operation Compassion developed a long-term, community-based development plan for the holistic transformation of the devastated barangays through the iRebuild program. Since the areas were completely wiped out, it was an opportunity to rebuild and empower the barangays from ground zero, transforming character by instilling the right values and work ethics while addressing the basic needs and organizing into groups for better leadership and unity.

Since then, OC extended relief and medical missions to provinces and cities devastated by typhoons and help rebuild the lives of IDPs through community-driven development projects.

Even more, the desire of Operation Compassion to reach out did not stop in rebuilding lives and communities. In 2011, OC expanded its support by establishing its program iFoster to cater to the children left without families due to natural calamities. Through iFoster, Operation Compassion actively organizes and engages individuals and capable families in raising awareness and providing foster care to the thousands of young orphans in the country.

Today, OC has helped a total of X communities all around the country and has provided new homes to X children.