Cucio Family


“The day I met Cherry (not her real name), a tiny little girl with beautiful eyes, I whispered to her ‘It’s okay, we will love you as our own’,” said Rolando Cucio, referring to the two-year old foster child he had taken care of for three years along with his wife Susan and their two children.  The family, likewise, shared their happiness over Cherry’s transfer to a permanent home.  “Cherry is now with the best family God has intended for her…We cannot match the unconditional love of her new family.  I for one cannot give the amount of time her adoptive family is spending with her.  They are investing their whole life for Cherry but I am looking forward to see her again, to kiss and hug her,” he added.


With two biological children in our family, we took a big step of faith and along the way we realized that there is indeed room for one more.  We brought Cherry home July 2, 2012 and provided her what she needed most – a family. Like any family, we had bad and good days but we just made her feel loved, provided for and taken cared of in the best way we can and the best way we know how… the same way we raised and trained our children.  I am grateful to God for the privilege to be part of Cherry’s formative years.  The experience and joy was incomparable. 3 years after, Cherry was united to her adoptive family.